Seventeenth National Pinchos and Tapas Competition

Seventeenth National Pinchos and Tapas Competition - City of Valladolid The Fourteenth National Pinchos and Tapas Competition will take place 8th and 9th November ,

Valladolid will turn into the capital of the tapas world thanks to the National Pinchos and Tapas Competition marking its fifteenth's anniversary. This is a MEETING POINT for the sector, a unique opportunity for NETWORKING and showcasing your company.

This event offers unbeatable opportunities through collaboration or sponsorship. Visibility and return on investment are guaranteed thanks to the huge media coverage of the event with almost 2,000 accredited visitors including sector professionals and companies attending the World's Biggest Live Food Competition.

Fifth World Tapas Competition City of Valladolid

Due to the international success attracted by this event, Valladolid has simultaneously held along with the National Pinchos and Tapas Competition,  a World Tapas Competition.

This event, will be attended by 15 participants from 15 countries, selected from 50 applications from 25 countries.

The call will be made through the world network of Cook Associations WACS (World Association of Chefs Societies), accredited gastronomic chroniclers from the five continents and lists of establishments specialized in tapas from any country in the world.



World Tapas Festival (6th to 14th November)

All the visitors to our event will have the opportunity to taste excellent culinary delicacies presented in this competition, aided by a culinary-map of the city specifically issued for this event.

From 6th to 14th November, almost fifty food establishments and restaurants in Valladolid will offer competing pinchos and tapas to the public. All of them will be twinned with the participating restaurants and bars who arrive from all Spanish autonomous communities. This is a unique opportunity to taste the best pincho creations from all Spanish areas.